The EE-10 Eaglet

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The Eaglet's Design and Quality gives the aircraft excellent flying capabilities combined with comfort and safety.

These capabilities are obtained through a combination of sophisticated design and balanced choice of materials.

  • The use of composite materials gives the aircraft its aerodynamic smoothness making the Eaglet surprisingly fast.
  • Efficient computeraided flap design combined with small wing span makes it possible to combine high cruising speed and comfortably low stall speeds for easy landings.
  • High design speeds give you the freedom to maneuver up to cruising speed.

User comfort is realized with a combination of a spacious cockpit layout and ergonomic details.

  • The cockpit offers ample room for both pilot and co-pilot. The feeling of space is further improved by the excellent all around visibility.
  • Modern industrial design gives the aircraft its well balanced interior including the attractive instrument panel and control details.
  • Get an impression of this comfort and enter the aircraft's cockpit by clicking on the interior picture on the right.

Comfort for the environment is obtained by the Eaglet's quiet design. The low external noise level will make this aircraft a welcome guest at all airfields.

The safety level of an aircraft can be judged on its Certification Basis. Euro-ENAER has chosen to comply with the latest JAA regulations to guarantee its customers the safety level of the nineties. Damage tolerance and crashworthiness make this aircraft safe through design.



JAR-23 Utility aircraft certified for the following manoeuvres:

   -   Lazy eight
   -   Chandelle
   -   Steep turn

Design features

Side-by-side, two-seat monoplane.
Full Composite airframe structure.
Low wing with partial laminar flow profile.
Fixed tricycle landing gear with nose wheel.
Air-cooled piston engine with fixed propeller.

Weights, Loading and Performance

Maximum Take-off weight 850 kg
Maximum landing weight 850 kg
Design Empty Weight 540 kg

Manoeuvre load factor:
-4.4 positive
-2.3 negative

VC = VA =130 kts
VD Diving speed  200 kts
VNE Never Exceed Speed  180 kts
VNO Max. structural cruising speed  130 kts
VF Flap Speed  100 Kts
Vsi Stall speed 30 deg. flaps  53 kts
Max rate of Glide (S/L)  12.5
Take-off Distance 996 ft
Service Ceiling  14.000 ft

Cruising Speed at 75% Power   125-127 kts
Estimated fuel consumption at 75% power  25-27 Litres/hr


Total Length:                          7.050 m    23.13 ft
Wing span (incl. wing tips):   8.700 m    28.54 ft
Maximum Fuselage Width:   1.220 m     4.00 ft
Area(excl. wing tips):             9.85 m     106.02 ft
Fuel Quantity:                         150 Litres
Cabin Width:                           1.120 m   3.68 ft

Power Plant

2-Blade fixed pitch wooden propeller manufactured by MT.

Type: Lycoming O-320 D2A,
power ratings:
max take off power: 160 shp at 2700 RPM, 5minutes
max cont. Power: 145 shp at 2450 RPM

NOTE: the pages from the Euro-Enaer website are soley ment to inform you, about the eaglet project as such, and functions here as billboard for Aviation Developments and our port folio. More information about Euro-Enaer and the Eaglet can be obtained at ENAER Chile or at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands.

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EE-10 Eaglet / Namcu

EE-10 Eaglet / Namcu

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